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Meet Dr. Popatia

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Dr. Shaheen Popatia is a dentist whose passion for dentistry comes through in her patient care and all she does at Willowbrook Dental Clinic in Langley.

Dr. Popatia, Langley Dentist

Dr. Shaheen Popatia
General Dentist

DDS, University of Texas Health Science

Other Credentials

Double major in Biology and Biochemistry-Molecular Biology at Houston Baptist University


Dr. Popatia is a native Texan, born and raised in the suburbs of Houston.

She graduated from Houston Baptist University with a double major in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology and Biology.

She is very passionate about dentistry, focusing mainly on her patients' needs and striving to give the best clinical and aesthetic outcome with their oral health.

She mostly performs in restorative dentistry, crown and bridge work, endodontics (root canal treatment), oral surgery (extractions), and removable prosthetics (dentures and partials).

Outside of her professional activities, Dr. Popatia enjoys being surrounded by her family and friends, watching movies, taking photographs, and traveling to different cities/countries.

Throughout her career, Dr. Popatia has been known for being personable with her patients, listening to them, and taking good care of their oral needs in a comfortable and positive manner.

She aims to form trusting relationships with her patients, and wants them to have a beautiful smile as a result.

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