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Dental Lasers

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Dental lasers can be used in a number of dental treatments. These include gum reshaping, cavity removal, teeth whitening, and the hardening of bonding materials used in fillings. They are also used to remove bacteria from periodontal pockets.

Dental Laser, Langley Dentist

What are the advantages of dental lasers?

Surgical dental lasers are significantly more precise than traditional dental treatments, This allows our dental team to conserve as much bone and tooth tissue as possible.

Lasers can also help minimize the bleeding and swelling that often result from a surgical procedure, resulting in less discomfort than there would otherwise be with traditional methods.

Since laser dentistry is more comfortable, in many cases it can eliminate the need for local anaesthetic. This in turn will reduce the duration of your appointment.

And because there is no need for local anaesthetic, we can perform procedures that once required separate appointments during a single appointment.

How do dental lasers work?

Dental lasers emit targeted light that delivers quick pulses of heat energy to the area being treated. Depending on the type of tissue being treated, the wavelengths used will vary.

Which dental procedures can laser dentistry be used for?

Laser dentistry can be used for gum reshaping, and to harden bonding materials used in fillings. It can also be used in periodontal care to remove bacteria from periodontal pockets.

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